Work Requests in Tampa

McConnie Fence is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tampa. Learn more about McConnie Fence's recent work requests in Tampa and nearby areas!

Learn more about McConnie Fence's recent work requests in Tampa, FL
Vicinity of N Habana Ave in Tampa
Want a quote for property fence and gates
Vicinity of in Tampa
Average cost to replace 100 feet of wood privacy fence with vinyl fence
Vicinity of W De Leon St in Tampa
A 8 foot tall chain link fence that is 22ft 6in by 10ft 7in with a gate in the front of it. It is for a trailer to be able to fit inside of it.
Vicinity of N Ola Ave in Tampa
Two gates and possible yard enclosure. Would like recommendation
Vicinity of Chestnut Grove Dr. in Tampa
I would like a quote for a 5 foot tall black picket style fencing for my backyard in New Tampa.
Vicinity of S Richard Ave in Tampa
Approximately 240' of fence, 2 gates (12' & 42") need quote and options.
Vicinity of Hollow Branch Ct in Tampa
18 feet the fence plus te back yard door
Vicinity of in Tampa
Need a temporary fence to cover 166 linear feet with a gate opening large enough for trucks and cars to get through.
Vicinity of Downing Cir in Tampa
Unsure about front yard enclosure
Vicinity of Windbrush Drive in Tampa
Looking to install white picket fence on north side of property
Vicinity of W Idlewild Ave in Tampa
Replace existing wood fence with board on board 6 by 8 approximately 136 ft of fence and a gate 12 to 14 foot wide
Vicinity of Landstar Way in Tampa
I need a 4 foot tall black aluminum fence installed on the left side of my house and just about 15 foot of my back yard. One gate that is 3 feet wide on side of house and a 4 foot wide gate in the back yard back boundry.
Vicinity of Charming Knoll Ct in Tampa
Replace Board on board fence with vinyl. I wat to get cost estimate so i can plan for cost.
Vicinity of Altolinda Lane in Tampa
66 linear feet of pvc privacy fence installation
Vicinity of West Heiter Street in Tampa
Request estimate for new vinyl fence. Thank you.
Vicinity of Southbreeze Drive in Tampa
My dog being attacked by the neighbors pit.
Vicinity of Ralston Beach Circle in Tampa
Safety and security of my vehicle in the drive way. I am looking at a metal fence alone with an electric door on drive way.
Vicinity of Fennsbury Drive in Tampa
Major home wood fence repair and replacement in clouding two gates
Vicinity of W Humphey St in Tampa
I want to put about 50' of aluminun fence in front of my house. Also a door 6' . I already have the córner polls and the door polls 4'. 6". I was thinking PVC, but l want an aluminun estimate. Thanks. Luis.
Vicinity of W Harbor View Ave in Tampa
I need a 12 foot gate with the automatic opener on it and two remotes
Vicinity of Ravensdale Way in Tampa
I need a metal, black, fence, a gate. 4 ft tall and t ft wide with one post for thevswing and a latch on the open and closing sid.
Vicinity of S. Shamrock Rd in Tampa
Looking for a white vinyl fence to match the neighbors in our back yard.
Vicinity of Living Coral Dr in Tampa
I need a fence for the side and backyard of my new house. I am looking for my best option. The side of the house is around 5ft both sides, runs 100ft (6Ft-VINYL) going backyard then taper off with 5ft (railing) across 49ft width. I need an estimate/quote. Thanks.
Vicinity of Bears in Tampa
I am looking for a 8' electric gate
Vicinity of W Spruce St in Tampa
We have a commercial Site that we need to add 6' Black Aluminum Fence and Motorized Gates for 2 Entrances. Aprox. 200ft Also There is a retention pond I need to add 3'-4' Black fencing approx 250ft We need this done ASAP.
Vicinity of N Perry Ave in Tampa
1920 with a iron fence, we love the fence but it needs a lot of work. we have the back of the home with a wood fence that also needs to be fixed or replaced
Vicinity of Player Court in Tampa
West side of house is fenced and gated but the fencing is old and posts are weakening.
Vicinity of South Bendelow Trail in Tampa
I need a 4'6" and a 8' height internal fence and gates.
Vicinity of Montrose Avenue in Tampa
I need my wood fence removed and replaced. 136 linear feet. 2 gates.
Vicinity of Wareham in Tampa
I like to have 6 feet high vinyl fence with 2 gates.. 2 sides of my new side approximately 138 feet, the other side 133 feet I am out side the state now I don't have valid phone # I put any random phone to complete the application Please communicate with email Thank you
Vicinity of Puritan Rd in Tampa
Vacant lot with 12ft gate
Vicinity of W HOLLYWOOD ST in Tampa
I would to get a free estimate for my vinyl fence installation.
Vicinity of in Tampa
I need to complete the fence in my backyard. My neighbor has a privacy fence up one side. I'd like 3 gates, one on each side of the house and another out of the back of the property. Looking for a 6 foot privacy fence.
Vicinity of Airview Dr in Tampa
Replace wooden fence with white vinyl fence
Vicinity of Armand Circle in Tampa
Have a fence row between my neighbor and I that needs to be replaced, and 3 gates
Vicinity of S. Lois Ave in Tampa
10-12" gate and 2 panels installed
Vicinity of Crisis Center Plaza in Tampa
I would like to get a quote to install vinyl fencing around the dumpsters at The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. Thank you!
Vicinity of INTERBAY AVE in Tampa
Just want an idea what I am looking at for cost
Vicinity of S. Arrawana Ave. in Tampa
Looking to replace wooden fence at my primary residence.
Vicinity of S Willow Ave in Tampa
Im looking for about 120ft of temp paneled fencing with windscreens or visual barrier included. We also need a rolling or swing gate for a 20ft access point onto the site. Please email me for more information and detailed plans for fencing
Vicinity of in Tampa
We are located in the Barrio district of Ybor, this requires a wood fence. We would like a decorative topper along the street side fence but are open to options. Please let me know what additional information you need.
Vicinity of Forestlake Drive in Tampa
Looking for a free quote on PVC fencing. Thanks
Vicinity of W Hartnett Ave. in Tampa
Looking for quote on horizontal wood fence for front yard to replace chain link. The sooner, the better! Thank you!
Vicinity of Vera Ave. in Tampa
Tree fell and damaged a chain link fence - not the whole fence. I just want the broken parts repaired.
Vicinity of Greenhill Place in Tampa
Need price on 8 foot tall wood and 6 feet tall vinyl fence.
Vicinity of N Cameron Abe in Tampa
I need an estimate a front yard to put fence
Vicinity of North Nebraska in Tampa
I am interested in security fencing and gating to enclose the front entrance of my property. You can google the address in order to view the front entrance
Vicinity of W. San Pedro St. in Tampa
Looking to have replace our west and north sides from wood to white vinyl.
Vicinity of E North Street in Tampa
I would like an estimate on replacing the fence around my house and my neighbor's house with a horizontal type style.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Front and 2 sides in vinyl
Vicinity of Ladoga Avenue in Tampa
I need 75 feet of vinyl fence plus a gate installed when possible.
Vicinity of West Pearl Ave in Tampa
Have a wooden fence that needs replacing
Vicinity of in Tampa
131 feet of fencing board on board with #1 board cost
Vicinity of Tughill Drive in Tampa
I just need a fence in the left side of my house as well as a small part on the backyard, I'd just want to know what it would cost me to put up a fence or what kind of fences you are able to put up
Vicinity of in Tampa
60-70' Tan Vinyl Fence
Vicinity of Saltwater Blvd in Tampa
Wood fence for one side of our house, with a gate for access to back yard. (Approx 100 feet).
Vicinity of Hollyglen Dr in Tampa
Put up 2 60 in gates on sides of house is the primary project and possibly replace fence around entire house, about 280 feet
Vicinity of in Tampa
Need only back yard
Vicinity of Ranger Dr in Tampa
I currently have a wood fence that is weathered and broken in certain spots. I need an estimate to have it replaced with vinyl and the old fence taken away
Vicinity of N Higjland Ave in Tampa
PVC fence
Vicinity of Palmcrest Place in Tampa
Need about a 20foot extension to current wood fence. Then a gate that is 10-12 foot wide up to home so I can put boat beside house
Vicinity of N. Myrtle St in Tampa
Replace a 35 year old wood fence.
Vicinity of Cat Mint Street in Tampa
I would like to screen in my town home lanai and you were recommended by the office.
Vicinity of W Pine St in Tampa
Sort of strange property line
Vicinity of E Idlewild Ave in Tampa
Free estimate of fencing cost.
Vicinity of Walton Way in Tampa
Privacy Fence
Vicinity of West San Miguel St. in Tampa
Need estimate for vinyl fence for townhouse community
Vicinity of E Rampart St in Tampa
Need a wood fence put around my front area
Vicinity of E Amelia Ave in Tampa
Looking to replace a wood gothic picket fence on two sides of our front yard (includes a 6 foot wide gate).
Vicinity of Galleon Way in Tampa
Would like a price on a 4' alum black fence with one 60" gate.
Vicinity of E Bird St. in Tampa
I am looking to buy this property and I need to know how much a perimeter wooden privacy fence would cost.
Vicinity of Tavistock Drive in Tampa
Need new fence but plan on adding a pool in 3-4 years, dont want to install new fence and then have it ripped out due to installation. Curious if there are options for pulling out parts of fence and then re installing. Also have neighbor inquiring about new fence
Vicinity of E POCAHONTAS AVE in Tampa
My next door neighbor just tore down a chainlink (not even advising me) between our properties. I want to replace it with our own wooden privacy fence as soon as possible
Vicinity of Cypress Nook in Tampa
Need around 60 ft pic and 2 gates
Vicinity of N New Jersey Ave in Tampa
1 gate and 1 panel each side of gate needed . Vinyl
Vicinity of Grainary Ave in Tampa
I need a free estimate for vinyl/ PVC fence
Vicinity of West Yukon St in Tampa
Apppx 186 ft total with two 90 degree corners one 4 ft gate and a 10.5 ft jog around a tree
Vicinity of W Trudy Lane in Tampa
New fence quote
Vicinity of W Cluster Ave. in Tampa
We need about 15 sections of old wood fence taken down, and new fence put up with new posts. The old fence needs to be taken away.
Vicinity of E. Tyler St in Tampa
We are looking to get a quote on mobile temporary fencing. It will be in a parking garage on a jobsite. The area will be 52ft x 17ft 10.5in. The area will also need some kind of non see through mesh or windscreen to keep others from seeing in. This is a new jobsite and we will need it for some length of time. Thanks
Vicinity of McCormick Drive in Tampa
Need a 10' long chain link swing gate removed and replaced with a chain link roll gate.
Vicinity of Kirkhill Ct in Tampa
I am looking to replace a wood fence with a new vinyl fence. Approximately 120 linear feet.
Vicinity of E Idlewild in Tampa
White picket fence in front yard. Vinyl
Vicinity of W Ballast Point Blvd in Tampa
Replace Back Yard Wooden Fence, Approximately 60' Across Back. Privacy, Wood on Wood That Gives Privacy, Matches Current Fence, Keep Dogs From Digging Out & Possums Out of Our Yard.
Vicinity of W Gandy Blvd in Tampa
Need to replace gates on 2 single dumpster enclosures at a retail property. Looking for something lightweight and easy to maneuver.
Vicinity of W Julia St. in Tampa
We need 2 dumpster gates that are not see through. I have a plan of the gates I can send. They do not have to be exactly what is on the plans. Just 2 requirements, not see through and be 6' tall x 10' 4" wide.
Vicinity of N Beverly Ave in Tampa
My fence is 28 years old and is so ugly.
Vicinity of E Comanche Ave in Tampa
I would like a quote to replace an existing fence at my residence. Current fence is 6'-0" high with a lattice across the top spanning from post to post making total fence height approximately 7'-6" - 8'-0" tall. Two gates desired - a 4'-0" walk through gate and a 10'-0" drive through gate at the back of the property adjacent to the alley to replace existing conditions. I am wanting a wood fence as a replacement.
Vicinity of Wright Circle in Tampa
We need a fence to contain our compressor. It will be: Galvanized fencing 8ft high 10 ft long L shape Double gate ** Do you pour concrete slabs where needed? Not a deal breaker, please proceed with the quote with or without it. **
Vicinity of S Westshore Circle in Tampa
I am looking to fence my backyard
Vicinity of W Hidden Haven Ct in Tampa
Vicinity of W Green St in Tampa
Vicinity of Anderson Road in Tampa
I have a commercial fence project coming up , need pricing
Vicinity of Derbyshire Dr in Tampa
Vicinity of in Tampa
I am reaching out to see if you offer access gates that attach to a 6 foot chain link fence.
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