Steel FenceFrequently Asked Questions

McConnie Fence provides complete aluminum, PVC and wooden fencing products and services in the Tampa, Florida area. The following questions will illustrate our services.

Why should I consider PVC over Wood when purchasing a "privacy" fence?

The short answer is Return On Investment. Although a PVC fence is a greater investment up front, it requires little maintenance, will look as good in twenty years as it does when installed, has a lifetime transferable warranty and thereby increases the value of the home at resale. Unfortunately in comparison, even if a wood fence is sealed or stained every few years, which can be costly and time consuming, after twenty years a wood fence will be showing wear and MAY actually detract from the value if it looks dilapidated and has not been maintained. You will not get an equivalent Return On Investment as you will with PVC.

Is there a difference in PVC fences?

YES!! Westech PVC is made of the highest grade material available. Make sure you know the wall thickness of the material that you are purchasing, post, rails, pickets, ask for a brochure with the specifications clearly detailed. White PVC may look the same at a glance, but quality counts. That is why Westech is able to offer a lifetime transferable warranty. We have been installing this same product for over 20 years and have NEVER had a claim.

What is a standard gate size?

A standard walk gate is typically 3', 4' or 5' wide, with 4' being the most popular. If your yard is maintained by a commercial lawn service or you have a lawn tractor, you might want to consider the 5' wide gate to ensure clearance without damage to the gate posts. The cost difference is minimal in most cases.

A standard double drive gate is typically 10' or 12' wide, consisting of two 5' or 6' leafs. A double drive gate will include a drop rod on one leaf. We recommend using a galvanized steel frame on wood gates of 5' width or greater, for greater strength, stability and wear.

What is pool code?

Pool code is the standards set by the state of Florida (see Florida Statute 515.27 and 515.29) that dictates the specifications a barrier must meet in order to meet safety standards. A minimum height of 4' on the outside of the fence, with picket spacing such that a small child could not "squeeze" through, (within the fencing community that standard is less than 4" day light opening between pickets), the gates must be equipped with self closing hinges, be set as "outswing" gates with the opening mechanism set at 54" on the inside of the gate.

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