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McConnie Fence provides fence products and services in the Tampa, Florida area. We are interested in earning your business and would like to give you some useful information.

Commercial FencesFencing - Fence Facts

Before you invest your time and money, make sure you have a plan for the installation of your fence. Below is a list of things you will need to have on hand or completed prior to installation.

Survey or Plot Plan:

Having a survey or plot plan on hand assists in locating your property pins, thereby ensuring that the fence is installed within your property. The outside edge of your fence will be installed within the property lines. If a survey or plot plan is not available, you will be asked to sign documentation stating that you bear full responsibility for the location of the fence and any costs incurred if it must be relocated.

Notification of Utilities:

McConnie Fence will submit to Irthnet the installation plan for your fence so that the utility companies may be notified and locate technicians can mark your property accordingly. This includes electric, gas, phone and cable lines. It does not include water and sewer lines or any irrigation or electric and/or gas lines you have had installed for pool heater, landscape lighting or anything else contracted or installed by you. It is your responsibility to have these marked, however, McConnie Fence is not responsible for any damage that occurs during installation.

Landscape Plan:

If shrubbery, trees and planting beds are currently on or near the property line, you need to have a plan as to when and where they are to be relocated to provide a clear fence line . We consider a minimum of 24" on each side of the property line free from obstruction to be "clear." In the event a tree is located directly on the property line, our sales professional will outline your options.

Restrictions / Easements:

Be aware of any restrictions imposed by the county, city, subdivision or Home Owners Association in which you live. Make sure you clearly understand what material (PVC, wood, aluminum), style, color and height requirements are dictated. You are responsible for obtaining Home Owners Association (HOA) approval prior to signing the contract and installation of your fence.



The manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty covers defects in workmanship and/or materials, the railing / fence finish is guaranteed not to chip, crack, flake or peel, and is only valid to the original purchaser. The warranty on commercial installation shall be limited to a period of thirty (30) years. To maintain the beauty and structural integrity, it is recommended that you inspect your fence periodically and rinse with clean water to remove any loose salt scale or other foreign material adhering to the product. Products may be washed with a mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Do not use lacquer thinner, acetone, MEK or other harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the finish. Refer to the manufacturer's literature for full limited lifetime warranty information, requirements and exclusions. McConnie Fence extends a one year warranty on labor and workmanship.

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